Transformer 15v 1.2amp P9203



Transformer 15v 1.2amp P9203 Transformer (Older) Analog Sets P9203 Input 120VAC / Output 15VDC@1.2A This is the new replacement for the C996 transformer that has been discontinued. This transformer is compatible Scalextric analog sets (non-START sets) with a product code of C1283 and below. Please note that the output has been changed to DC and this is correct. The C8217 / C8241 analog Sport powerbase is compatable with either AC or DC output transformer. USA/CAN Note: This transformer is not compatible with the Scalextric START power base or Scalextric analog sets with the wide flat jack. Use transformer P9403 for all Scalextric START sets and Scalextric analog sets with the single wide jack.

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Type: Slot Cars - 1:32 Track