Track Term-Dual Power-Pak



Track Term-Dual Power-Pak 70636 No More Power Surges When One Car Goes Off! Again, only AFX has it! With the Pro Power Terminal Track you can connect two power packs - one for each lane. This lets each driver have their own power source. So, when one car goes off the other one doesn't get that momentary surge of power that can be just enough to put you off the track just when you thought you had him. You can use Pro Power track on 2, 4, 6 or more lanes. Simply get one track segment for each two lanes of track. And of course you will need to have two power packs for each Pro Power track. If you really want something cool, add a Tri-Power Pack or two so you can actually handicap each lane! Just like our standard terminal track, you can change direction simply by flipping the power plug. Too easy! Easy to use. Consistent quality. AFX track has been the standard in the hobby since it was designed and patented 30 years ago. Today it is still the best and is consistently recommended by hobbyists around the world. The key is a design that goes together and comes apart easily while maintaining excellent electrical contact. So you get less frustration and more fun. And if you don't want to limit your track designs, AFX is your only choice. Because AFX has more curves, more banks, more straights and more specialty tracks then anyone. Period. So with AFX track the only limit is your imagination. Features More Track! AFX has 21 different types, the other guys have 4 or 5. Z-Bend Rail End - Allows consistent electrical contact even when track pieces are not pushed together completely. Tapered Slot Ends - Smooth, quiet performance as cars pass over track junctions. High Traction Surface - Helps tires get maximum grip. Correct Cross Bracing and Supports - Keeps track stable and junctions solid. Only with AFX track. Deepest Slot Depth - Accepts longer AFX guide pin; keeps cars on the track longer. Sold individually with 1 track piece per package

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