Super Bird Flying Model Rocket

Quest Aerospace


Super Bird Flying Model Rocket The Quest SuperBird Model Rocket is the perfect vehicle for long, slow and impressive flights. With an 800 ft. maximum altitude and dual parachutes the SuperBird model rocket is as interesting to watch coming down as going up!

Item Code : \t 2010
Explore Quest Products!: \tModel Rockets Skill Level 2
Shipping Weight : \t12.00 OZ
Skill Level: \tTwo
Recovery: \tDual Parachute
Fin Type: \tBalsa
Length: \t31.3in / 79.4cm
Diameter: \t1.38in / 35mm
Engines (Motors): \tA6-4 B6-4 C6-5
Altiude (Estimated Max): \t800ft / 243m

Category: Google

Type: Rocketry - Kits

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