Small tire Weegies



Small tire Weegies Professor Motor Tire "Weegies" help to solve the complex issue of tire fit to the non-standard rims that exist on today's 1/32 slot racing cars. These "Weegie" O rings widen the center raised portion of the rims and help to hold the tire in place when it is subject to lateral forces when cornering. Multiple "weegies" can be used if necessary to make up the disparity between the wheel & tire which allows for a very wide range of tires to fit a wheel. "Weegies" work well with BOTH rubber tires and silicone tires. If multiple "weegies" are used on a single rim glue them in place with epoxy or superglue before the tire is installed. All 'weegies" are 0.040" (1mm) cross section & are available in the following sizes : PMTR1035 - Small Hub "Weegies" for F1 type hubs - 8 weegies/package PMTR1036 - Large Hub "Weegies" for non F1 (larger) type hubs - 8 weegies/package

Category: Slot Cars

Type: Slot Cars - Wheels

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