Porsche 956K n. 12 - CA09F

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Porsche 956K n. 12 - CA09F SICA09F The Porsche 956 and later 962 models could be assembled with two different rear wing configurations: “low downforce”, used mostly in Le Mans where the 6.5 km Hunaudières straight required a very low drag at the expense of downforce, and “high downforce”, for twistier circuits. Regardless of the configuration, Porsche 956 and 962 cars were the cars to beat in any Group C competition in the early 80’s. Gianpiero Moretti prepared and led a team with a Porsche 956 (chassis No.105) to race the 1000 km of Mugello in 1983, the classic New Man livery was camouflaged with extensive use of red adhesive tape to reproduce the Momo livery. After obtaining the seventh place in qualifying, the race ended when the body of the car, running sixth, was damaged following a puncture. In addition to Moretti, No.12 car was driven by German pilots Dieter Schornstein and Volkert Merl. Model CA09f comes with a new Porsche 956 KH body, weighting only 17.5g.

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