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Novia The Quest Novia model rocket is the most traditional of the kits. The Quest Novia features balsa wood fins and streamer recovery. Each Quest Novia comes with a paper cradle that can be assembled - this is a big help in getting the fins to dry true and straight! Did you know the Quest Novia has five possible fin configurations?

Item Code : \t 1006
Explore Quest Products!: \tModel Rockets Skill Level 1
Shipping Weight : \t7.00 OZ
Skill Level: \tOne
Recovery: \tStreamer
Fin Type: \tBalsa
Length: \t11.5in / 29cm
Diameter: \t.787in / 20mm
Engines (Motors): \tA6-4 B6-4 C6-5
Altiude (Estimated Max): \t1800ft / 548m

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Type: Rocketry - Kits

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