HO Operating Trolley Roof Pole



1250 HO Operating Trolley Roof Pole The Bowser #1250 trolley roof pole has undergone a few changes during 2009 but the basic pole is still the same. Gone are the "taco shell" collector and the weak springs and now there is a NMRA S-5 Specification contactor and stronger springs. The traditional threaded 3/32" shaft mount is still the same. Shown at right is a #1250 pole with all the items provided prior to assembly: 1 - 1250 Trolley pole assembly with 3/32" shaft; 2 - 1251 Roof Insulator; 3 - Tension Spring; 4 - Fiber Washer; 5 - 2-56 Nut 6 - The electrical connectors is not supplied. Any ring connector will suffice for this

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