HO Bi-Level Coach Metra



HO Bi-Level Coach Metra 35-6035 HO Pullman Bi-Level Coach Metra #7848 Prototype Information: The Bi-Level "Gallery" commuter car continues to be a favorite design of many commuter rail agencies throughout the United States and Canada. The design made its debut on the Chicago & North Western railroad for their Chicago area commuter service in the 1950s. Model Information: All of our Bi-Level gallery cars feature prototypical interiors and the distinctive green-tinted windows. The Cab/Coach models are equipped with Golden White LED directional head/taillights which can be switched on and off for operation mid-train. Kinematic Knuckle Couplers are included to model close coupling in dynamic push/pull operation. The couplers are easily installed with a phillips screwdriver and are a unique feature to our Bi-Level passenger cars. The Kinematic Knuckle couplers expand and contract as the cars move about your layout, which keeps the cars close together on straights and at a working distance around curves. Model Features: Perfectly suited to be pulled by Kato's EMD F40PH locomotives Kinematic Knuckle Couplers and Shock Absorber construction for realistic movement Interior detailing that can be enjoyed with our HO interior lighting kits (7-503). Prototypical green tinted windows Cab-Coaches are equipped with headlights lights which can be switched on and off