First Time Flight Motor 3 Pack

Quest Aerospace


First Time Flight Motor 3 Pack 5748 This is the easiest way to sample three different power rocket engines. If you are new to model rocketry and have just purchased a Starter Set, then this is a perfect add-on. Includes one each of A6-4, B6-4, C6-3 and three Q2G2 igniters. Quest rocket engines have a unique long burn that produces a thick smoke trail all the way to ejection! Includes the Easiest-To-Ignite Q2G2 igniter! They are simply the most reliable igniters ever! Durable long lead design is held in place in the rocket engine nozzle with the small red tube that also protects the igniter tip during transport. Comparable in performance to Estes A8-3 Rocket Engine, Estes B6-4 Rocket Engine. and Estes C6-3 Rocket Engine.

Category: Rocketry

Type: Rocketry - Engines

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