Detail Projects Freight & Loco

Kalmbach Publishing


12477 Detailing Projects for Freight Cars & Locomotives by Pelle K. Soeborg Enthusiastic modelers know they can rely on Pelle Søeborg’s dependable, step-by-step instructions to help them improve their layouts. His new book offers simple weathering and finishing techniques that are easy to complete yet deliver a greater degree of realism to locomotives and rolling stock. Hobbyists will appreciate more than 300 how-to and prototypical photos that guide them from project to project. Table of Contents: 1). Introduction 2). Weathering tools and materials 3). Get inspired by prototypes 4). Give an old boxcar a contemporary look 5). Weather a white reefer 6). Add soil and stripes to stack cars 7). Make new gondolas look used 8). Let rust rule on steel coil cars 9). Weather batches of boxcars 10). Turn a ready-to-run hopper into a showpiece 11). Add mysterious spills to a tank car 12). Improve the look of a good-looking coal hopper 13). Weather a black locomotive 14). Apply standard weathering to your fleet 15). Transform a brass model into a working engine 16). Make a scrap metal load from pot scrubbers 17). Turn straws into a pipe load 18). Make a heavy steel load for flatcars