Desk Top Base Sign Display

Miller Engineering


002 Desk Top Neon Base Sign Display Miller Engineering's "Desk Top Neon" series was created just for the collector. We recently redesigned our DTN lineup. Our new design no longer has the clear cover and runs on 3 AA batteries (not included). This new base comes with 46 different chase patterns just like our railroad signs. They are quieter than the old design, more compact. This new design allows the customer to replace the sign should there ever be a problem. Our new DTN has several new features including the ability to work with any of our five channel signs, which is about 85% of our signs. We have included a list below of signs that will not work with our new base, all other signs will. We have shown several signs with our new base and we will be adding more images as time goes on (we have a lot of signs!) Until then should there be a sign you would like in our new base, simply request this at the time of check out by asking for the "DTN" version in comment section. The price is the same as our railroad version. You can also buy just the base if desired. Sign that will not work with the DTN base, (unless we have missed some). 1180 Theater Marquee 2781 Large GE 2881 Domino Sugar 3070 Vertical YMCA signs 3581 Sunoco 3781 Union Pacific 4070 Large Flag, sign too large for base; will work but will be Dim. 4081 Pabst 4681 Large Mobile 5181 Large Texaco, sign too large for base; will work but will be Dim. 5880 Greyhound Bus 5900 Vertical Theater 6081 Large Gulf, sign too large for base; will work but will be Dim. 6300 Vertical Salvation Army 8080 Barber pole 7781 & 7782 Shell Billboards All Multi-graphic sign

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