DCS Commander w/100W Power



50-1029 Digital Command System Commander System with 100 Watt Power Supply Product Details MTH’s Digital Command System (DCS) unlocks the full sound and operating potential of Proto-Sound 2.0* or later equipped locomotives. Insert a DCS Commander in the wires from your existing DCC system to the track and you can switch back and forth between DCC** and DCS with the push of a button. Because many M.T.H. Proto-Sound 2.0* locomotives can operate on both AC or DC current, the DCS Commander may be the affordable DCS command control option you've been looking for. The DCS commander outputs up to 18 volts of DC power and includes a built-in 5amp resettable breaker making it a perfect solution for small M.T.H. O Gauge layouts exclusively running Proto-Sound 2.0* locomotives. For HO operators, the DCS Commander Controller Set is a perfect power solution for almost any size HO layout. HO operators whose layouts are already outfitted with a DC power supply can choose the individual DCS Commander and plug their existing power supply right into the Commander's power inputs. The DCS Commander offers intuitive control of multiple Proto-Sound engines; for each locomotive, more than 32 functions are available at the touch of a single, clearly-labeled button. In addition to the features available with DCC and analog DC, the DCS Commander unlocks a long list of Proto-Sound operating possibilities. Model 50-1029 adds a 100 watt power supply making the DCS Commander essentially a three-in-one device as a stand-alone power pack for analog operation, a DCS controller for operating M.T.H. HO locomotives with Proto-Sound 3.0 and as a pass-thru for DCC signals for engines equipped with DCC Product Features * Speed adjustment in one-scale-mile-per hour steps * Independent feature control: tune your engines’ sound, lights, smoke and acceleration/deceleration settings * Smoke on/off * Doppler sounds: simulate the classic sound effect of a train approaching and then whizzing past * Accent sounds: activate any one of 7 individual sounds, including signal forward and reverse sounds, coupler slack, engine start-up and shut-down, engine labor and drift * Activate Passenger Station and Freight Yard Sounds * Individual locomotive control: select up to 99 Proto-Sound 3.0 engines * Selectable control configurations: choose between analog DC, DCC and DCS modes * 100 Watt Power Supply w/14v AC Accessory Ouput Jacks * U.L. Approved * 100 Watt Power Supply Includes 6amp Resettable Circuit Breaker * Requires Proto-Sound 2.0 3-volt system or Proto-Sound 3.0 system. Proto-Sound 2.0 3-volt systems are identified by their square battery charging jack on the locomotive chassis. See the locomotive's operator's manual for the exact location of the charging jack. ** DCC controller required