DCC Projects and Applications

Kalmbach Publishing


12441 DCC Projects and Applications Volume 2 by Mike Polsgrove with David Popp DCC Projects & Applications Vol. 2 answers questions about starting with or upgrading Digital Command Control equipment, selecting state-of-the-art gear, and installing and operating these new electronics. Based on the popular Model Railroader magazine column, DCC Corner, this volume focuses on actual readers’ problems and gives real-world solutions that apply to commonly available contemporary equipment. Offers tips on upgrading equipment, acquiring state-of-the-art new gear, installation, and operation More than 25 new DCC projects Based on DCC Corner, a popular Model Railroader column Table of Contents: Introduction. Getting started using Digital Command Control Chapter 1: Wiring a layout for DCC Chapter 2: The basics of locomotive decoder installation. Chapter 3: Programming decoders Chapter 4: Working with sound decoders Chapter 5: Realistic lighting Appendix 5 steps to troubleshooting a DCC layout