Courier Sleek Payload Carrier

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Courier Sleek Payload Carrier We can't think of many other ways that you can send an egg sailing 400 ft into the air and return it safely (and in time for breakfast!) The specially designed nose capsule comes unpadded - requiring your students to experiment with various methods of protecting Mr. Egg. The Courier model rocket is a traditional balsa fin design and carries it's own parachute recovery.

Item Code : \t 2011
Explore Quest Products!: \tModel Rockets Skill Level 2
Shipping Weight : \t11.00 OZ
Skill Level: \tTwo
Recovery: \tDual Parachute
Fin Type: \tBalsa
Length: \t22in / 55.9cm
Diameter: \t1.38in / 35mm
Engines (Motors): \tB6-2 B6-4 C6-3 C6-5
Altitude w/out Egg (Estimated Max): \t900ft / 274m
Altitude w/ Egg (Estimated Max): \t450ft /137m

Category: Google

Type: Rocketry - Kits

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