Bronze Racing Bushing 3/32

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Bronze Racing Bushing 3/32 Product Description Our Racing Bronze Bushings include all of the great features of our standard bronze bushings (e.g. SAE bearing grade bronze, tighter tolerances) with one additional enhancement - the bushings are counter-bored from one side for a portion of the inner bushing "race". This means there is less inner surface area in contact with the rear axle which in turn means less friction. The material removed also creates a small "well" which makes it easier to lubricate the bushings. Despite the extra steps required to manufacture these bushings, you don't have to pay an arm and a leg for them - in fact, they cost less than many of our competitor's standard bushings. SCC Racing Bronze Bushings work great with 3/32" axles (Part #: SIPA01) and 3/32" drill blanks. Sold in packages of one (1) pair only.

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