Blue Wire Experimenter Kit

Miller Engineering


2503-3 Blue Wire Experimenter Kit Expand your imagination with EL wire. It's thin, flexible can be bent to almost any shape. Perfect for outlining models, R/C aircraft for night flying, ect. Each comes with 3' of one color EL wire, ready-to-run power supply that runs on 2 AAA batteries. Requires soldering to hook up wire to drive board. Miller Engineering's extensive line of Electroluminescent (EL) lighting products will meet the many demands of modelers and experimenters alike. Our EL lamps are only .008 to .010 thick, just a little thicker than a sheet of paper. The light output is a soft neon-like glow with no "HOT" spots that are characteristic of other type of light sources. This coupled with their flexibility and near zero heat output, makes them the perfect choice for many lighting projects.

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