American Flyer Guide 2013

Kalmbach Publishing


10-80613 American Flyer Pocket Price Guide 1946-2013 Toy train fans are awaiting this updated guide to current market values for American Flyer S gauge trains and accessories manufactured by A.C. Gilbert and Lionel. This convenient, pocket-sized reference also includes ready-to-run S gauge trains from contemporary manufacturers including American Models and S-Helper Service. Features new, user-friendly format Uses grading standards established by the Train Collectors Association Includes all S gauge manufacturers Table of Contents: Introduction How to read this guide S Gauge marketplace Section 1: Gilbert Production 1946-1966 Section 2: Lionel Production 1979-2013 Section 3: American Models 1981-2013 Section 4: S-Helper Service 1994-2012 Section 5: Gilbert Catalogs and Paper 1946-1967