4" Single Fluorescent Lamp

Miller Engineering


741 4" Single Fluorescent Lamp Miller Engineering’s miniature fluorescent lamps are the perfect choice for lighting models, structures, backdrop lighting, dioramas or any place a compact, brilliant white light is needed. These genuine cold cathode fluorescent lamps produce only moderate heat, have a diameter of only 0.160" and have a life of over 15,000 hours. A 12-volt DC source (not included) is required to run all lamps. Lamps come with handy plug-connectors. Lead lengths are approximately 10" long. Current draw specs: 4" Single fluorescent lamp draws 250ma Please note when adding our #713, 5" extensions you should not add more than 2 or 3 extensions or your lamp may not light because of the voltage drop. The red & Black input wires can be almost any length.