101 Track Plans For Model RRs

Kalmbach Publishing


12012 101 Track Plans For Model Railroads by Linn H. Westcott Easy-to-use plans in every size, shape and scale -- from tiny card-table layouts to giant garage-size railroads. Demonstrates how to design a railroad to fit any space, shows how to convert plans to N, HO, S, and O scales. Table of Contents: 1). Plans 2). Railroads for very small tables 3). Small shelf railroads 4). Small table railroads 5). Railroads for 4 x 8 tables 6). Railroads to 6 x 10 7). Railroads up to 9 x 12 8). Railroads for 12 x 16 spaces 9). Trolley layouts 10). Larger shelf railroads 11). Railroads for a sintle garage 12). Railroads for large spaces 13). Plan index Other features 1). How to choose your track plan 2). How to build your railroad from plans 3). How to change plans to suit your needs 4). If I had a million