1:76 UK WWII DUKW – A02316



1:76 UK WWII DUKW – A02316 A02316

1:76 United Kingdom WWII DUKW

The DUKW (popularly pronounced ""duck"") is a six-wheel-drive amphibious truck that was designed for transporting goods and troops over land and water and for use approaching and crossing beaches in amphibious attacks. The DUKW was used in landings in the Mediterranean, Pacific, on the D-Day beaches of Normandy, Operation Husky (the invasion of Sicily), and during Operation Plunder (the crossing of the river Rhine)

Warning! Not suitable for children under 36 months. Choking hazard, contains small parts. Please retain these details for future reference. 8+

Number of Parts: 50
Dimensions (mm): L125 x W 33
Skill Level 1
Requires Painting

Recommended Paints:
72 Khaki Drill\t
61 Flesh\t
53 Gunmetal\t
85 Coal Black\t
86 Light Olive\t
155 Olive Green