1:72 USA Douglas Dakota C-47 - A08014



1:72 USA Douglas Dakota C-47 - A08014 A08014 1:72 United States of America Douglas Dakota C-47 A/D Skytrain The C-47 is a military version of the DC-3 airliner. Recognising the DC-3’s great potential as a military transport, the United States Army Air Command specified a number of changes to make the aircraft suitable for military use, including more powerful engines, utility seats along the walls, a stronger load-bearing floor and the addition of large loading doors. WARNING! Not suitable for children under 36 months. It contains small parts which can present a choking hazard. Please retain these details and the address for future reference. CAUTION! Please remove all packaging before giving the toy to a child Specifications: Skill: 3 Dimensions (mm): L273 x W400 Flying Hours: 3 Number of Parts: 142 Recommended Humbrol Paints: 24 Trainer Yellow 26 Khaki 33 Black 34 White 53 Gunmetal 56 Aluminium 61 Flesh 62 Leather 88 Deck Green 101 Mid Green 128 US Compass Grey 154 Insignia Yellow 155 Olive Drab 156 Dark Camouflage Grey 226 Interior Green