1:72 RAF Spitfire MkVb - A02046A



1:72 RAF Spitfire MkVb - A02046A A02046A

1:72 Royal Air Force Supermarine Spitfire MkVb

The Spitfire MkV was one of the most successful "temporary" fighters ever introduced into the Royal Air Force, having been rushed into service. Over one hundred and forty RAF squadrons operated the type. It served on all battlefronts and was supplied to nine other countries including the Soviet Union and the United States.

Warning not suitable for children under 36 months. Choking hazard. Contains small parts with functional sharp edges and/or points. This product is suitable for ages 8 to adult. Please retain these details, and the address for future reference.

Number of Parts: 35
Dimensions (mm): L118 x W155
Requires Painting

Recommended Paints:
11 Silver\t
24 Trainer Yellow\t
30 Dark Green\t
33 Matt Black\t
61 Flesh\t
62 Leather\t
53 Gunmetal\t
90 Beige Green\t
96 RAF Blue\t
106 Ocean Grey\t
165 Medium Sea Grey