1:72 RAF Spitfire Mk22 – A02033



1:72 RAF Spitfire Mk22 – A02033 A02033

1:72 Royal Air Force Supermarine Spitfire Mk22

The F22 Spitfire was about as sophisticated as the post-war Spitfires were to get. It differed from the final variant, the Mk22, in only minor respects, but used the same massive Griffon engine delivering well over 2,200hp and which dictated the enlarged tail control surfaces introduced with the Mk 21. The redesigned wing was a distinctive feature of the type which performed well until eventually being outclassed by the first jet fighters.

Warning not suitable for children under 36 months. Choking hazard. Contains small parts with functional sharp edges and/or points. This product is suitable for ages 8 to adult. Please retain these details, and the address for future reference.

Number of Parts: 49
Dimensions (mm): L140 x W156
Skill Level 1
Requires Painting

Recommended Paints:
2 Emerald\t
11 Silver\t
19 Bright Red\t
24 Trainer Yellow\t
33 Matt Black\t
69 Yellow\t
70 Brick Red\t
61 Flesh\t
62 Leather\t
53 Gunmetal\t
56 Aluminium\t
103 Cream\t
120 Light Green\t
157 Azure Blue

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