1:48 UK Ventura Mk. II



1:48 UK Ventura Mk. II 85-5533 1:48 United Kingdom Ventura Mk. II Overview Skill Level: 3 Length: 13-1/16" Wingspan: 16-3/8" Height: 3-3/16" Parts: 142 Description Lockheed legends Lockheed Venturas were not the toughest planes in the sky during WWII. They couldn't fly the furthest or carry the most bombs, but when the RAF needed a reliable plane for recon and light bombing, the Ventura was there. Brave aircrews flew them low and fast into enemy territory brimming with fighters and bristling with AA guns. Many never made it home, but many more struck at the heart of the Third Reich and won us the war. Kit features open or closed bomb bay and separate wing tanks.