1:48 UK Seafighter FR46/47 - A06103



1:48 UK Seafighter FR46/47 - A06103 A06103

1:48 United Kingdom Supermarine Seafire FR46/47

The Seafire FR.47 was the last variant of the classic R J Mitchell / J Smith fighter, with very little remaining of the Supermarine Type 300. The elliptical wing had been considerably modified and the Griffon engine with a six-bladed contra-rotating propeller had replaced the Merlin. The contrast from the Spitfire Mk I was vast, the Seafire FR 47 had twice as much power, a speed increase from 355mph to 451mph and a threefold increase in firepower.

Warning! Not suitable for children under 36 months. Choking Hazard, contains small parts. Please retain these details for future reference.

Number of Parts: 124
Dimensions (mm): L217 x W234
Skill Level 3
Requires Painting

Recommended Paints:
19 Bright Red\t
24 Trainer Yellow\t
33 Matt Black\t
71 Satin Oak\t
61 Flesh\t
53 Gunmetal\t
56 Aluminium\t
85 Coal Black\t
90 Beige Green\t
98 Chocolate\t
130 White\t
104 Oxford Blue\t
135 Satin Varnish\t
171 Antique Bronze\t
123 Extra Dark Sea Grey\t
1325 Clear Colour Green\t
1322 Clear Colour Orange\t
1321 Clear Colour Red