1:48 UK AW Merlin HC3 - A14101



1:48 UK AW Merlin HC3 - A14101 A14101

1:48 United Kingdom AgustaWestland Merlin HC3

Part of the Airfix range of Operation Herrick Afghanistan gift sets

The AgustaWestland Merlin HC3 is the RAF version of the AW101 medium-lift helicopter. Powered by three 2,312shp RTM322-01 turboshaft engines, the Merlin HC3 can lift a payload of up to 5,433kg, including up to 24 troops or a variety of vehicles and equipment. The Merlin airframe incorporates many advanced technologies, such as BERP composite rotor blades for increased lift and efficiency, and ACSR vibration control systems to ensure a smooth ride and reduced airframe stress. The Merlin HC3 first saw operational service in the Balkans in 2003, and served in Iraq during Operation Telic until July 2009.

From 2010, after being fitted with Kevlar ballistic armour, Merlin HC3 helicopters operated in Afghanistan supporting Operation Herrick, transporting troops, ammunition and other essential supplies to the front line of the conflict.

This product is suitable for ages 8 to adult. Not suitable for children under 36 months due to small parts, contains functional sharp edges and/or points. Paint and cement are required to complete model (not included) Retain these details , and the address, for future reference.

Number of Parts: 335
Dimensions (mm): L475 x W387
Skill Level 3
Requires Painting

Recommended Paints:
11 Silver\t
12 Copper\t
16 Gold\t
18 Orange\t
19 Bright Red\t
33 Matt Black\t
70 Brick Red\t
53 Gunmetal\t
64 Light Grey\t
54 Brass\t
55 Bronze\t
56 Aluminium\t
74 Linen\t
79 Blue Grey\t
85 Coal Black\t
86 Light Olive\t
130 White\t
116 US Dark Green\t
127 US Ghost Grey\t
163 Dark Green\t
196 Light Grey