1:35 USA M48-A2 Patton Tank



1:35 USA M48-A2 Patton Tank 85-7853 1:35 United States of America M48-A2 Patton Tank Overview Skill level: 2 Length: 9-7/8" Parts: 152 Description The M48A2 Patton tank was named for General George S. Patton, famous tank commander of World War II. It is a heavily armored, full-tracklaying combat vehicle with a 90 mm gun, a .30 cal. machine gun in combination mount and a .50 cal. machine gun in the commander's cupola. Opening and closing hatches, movable turret, cannon, machine gun and tank treads. Two crew members and six military figures. Decals with optional markings. Molded in olive drab with soft black treads.