1:35 USA LCVP w/Infantry



1:35 USA LCVP w/Infantry 6524 1:35 United States of America Landing Craft Vehicle and Personnel with Infantry D-DAY SERIES - NORMANDY 1944/2014 100% NEW MOLDS CONTAINS: 1 LANDING CRAFT, 3 CREW FIGURES AND 25 MULTI-POSE U.S. INFANTRY FIGURES Developed by Higgins Industries of New Orleans on the basis of a flatbottomedboat used in the Louisiana marshlands, the LCVP (Landing Craft,Vehicle and Personnel) took part in all the major amphibious operations ofSecond World War, in Europe and the Pacific. Its task was to shuttle backand forth between the big ships and the beaches, carrying up to thirty men,light vehicles and anything else that was needed. Generally armed with tworear-mounted machine guns, it was powered by a 250 HP Hall Scott petrolengine or a 225 HP Gray diesel engine. After the end of the Second WorldWar the LCVP stayed in service, occupying a number of roles. It saw actionin Korea and Indochina and has also been adapted for civilian use all overthe world.