1:35 GER Personenwagen

MiniArt Models


35095 1:35 Germany Mercedes Benz 170V Personenwagen The Mercedes MB 170V Personenwagen was the most common civilian car used by the German Army during WWII. It was produced between 1936 and 1942. This amazing 1/35 Scale model contains 371 parts with 48 photo-etched parts. The details, both interior and exterior are exquisite. Highly accurate engine compartment, chassis and suspension are truly works of art. The springs, though made from plastic, look incredibly real. All doors can be opened. The hood can be opened from all sides exposing the highly detailed engine compartment. Jalousies (louvers) of the hood are molded open. The finely produced, photo-etched grill is masterfully designed. By using “typesetting” technology, the tire tread is unbelievably realistic. Even the famous Mercedes 3-pointed Star has been produced as a photo-etched part. What would a car be without people? MiniArt has included five, 1/35 scale, amazingly lifelike “period” figures to further enhance this already perfect model. Plus full color assembly sheets, decals and paint instructions.

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