1:32 UK WWII Paratroops - A02701



1:32 UK WWII Paratroops - A02701 A02701

As the war approached it was seen that having the ability to drop elite troops behind enemy lines would be a major tactical advantage. By the end of December 1940, everything was in place to create the British 1st Airborne Division whose distinctive mark was to be the maroon beret and a shoulder patch with Bellerophon astride the winged horse Pegasus.

Warning not suitable for children under 36 months. Choking hazard. Contains small parts with functional sharp edges and/or points. This product is suitable for ages 8 to adult. Please retain these details, and the address for future reference.

Number of Parts:14
Skill Level 1
Requires Painting

Recommended Humbrol Paints:
11 Silver\t
26 Khaki\t
33 Matt Black\t
61 Flesh\t
73 Wine\t
80 Grass Green\t
83 Ochre\t
86 Light Olive\t
87 Steel Grey\t
102 Army Green\t
113 Rust\t
160 German Cam Red Brown\t
27004 Gunmetal