1:32 GER WWII Afrika Corps - A02708



1:32 GER WWII Afrika Corps - A02708 A02708

1:32 German WWII Afrika Corps

Led by General Erwin Rommel, the Afrika Korps after some early successes, were defeated by Montgomery's 8th Army in the North African campaign

This product is suitable for ages 8 to adult. Not suitable for children under 36 months due to small parts, contains functional sharp edges and/or points. Paints (not supplied) are required to complete the figures (Not Included) Retain these details, and address, for future reference.

Number of Parts: 14 Unpainted Figures
Skill Level 1
Requires Painting

Recommended Humbrol Paints:
33 Matt Black\t
34 Matt White\t
72 Khaki Drill\t
61 Flesh\t
63 Sand\t
83 Ochre\t
84 Mid Stone\t
85 Coal Black\t
93 Desert Yellow\t
94 Brown Yellow\t
103 Cream\t
121 Pale Stone\t
160 German Cam Red Brown\t
186 Brown\t
27004 Gunmetal

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