1/32 Digital Road Hammers



1/32 Digital Road Hammers ROAD HAMMERS Item no. 20030170 Hard hitting race action There's action with a heavy punch when these two powerhouses meet. Unless you're one of the drivers, steer clear of the 1100 bhp Monster Porsche 917/30 and the 800 bhp Lola T222. Witness breathtaking wheel-to-wheel duels between the number 5, the dominator of the CanAm Championship in 1973, and the number 4, one of the most amazing-looking CanAm racing cars of all time. Guaranteed to raise the pulse rate of every motor racing enthusiast. The 6.5-meter Road Hammers circuit features four curves and a full-speed straight for great racing fun. A control unit guarantees a real racing sensation, as it allows drivers to set the speed, braking power, and to program a pace car. There's unbridled hard-hitting race power and action when these two hit the track. Floorspace: 7.87x5.25 ft. Track Length: 18.0 ft.

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