1:25 Willys Street Rod



1:25 Willys Street Rod 85-4909 1:25 Willys Street Rod Overview Skill level: 2 Length: 6-1/2" Width: 2-3/4" Height: 2-1/2" Parts: 100 Description Authentic "Americar" hot rods Because it was produced for less than five years and spare parts were scarce, Willys Americars became one of the most frequently modified cars in the U.S. Many hot rod enthusiasts began to improve upon the simple, light and cheap cars and soon Willys became the most popular hot rods around. The classic Willys street rod had a blown Hemi" engine and enlarged rear tires. This kit features a full street rod suspension and movable front wheel plus a detailed Hemi engine, modern interior and colorful hot rod decals.