1:25 Chrysler PT Cruiser Snap



1:25 Chrysler PT Cruiser Snap 85-1979 1:25 Chrysler PT Cruiser Snaptite® Overview Skill Level: 1 Length: 6-3/4" Width: 2-3/4" Height: 2-1/4" Parts: 37 Description Personal Transport for the new millennium Here's an idea; every time you see a PT Cruiser, punch someone. It's kinda like a "slug bug," but it's a cruiser bruiser instead, get it? Of course, they produced well over a million of these cars in their ten-year run, so that's a lot of prospective bruising, not to mention the potential for lawsuits. So? how about you just build this model instead? It's an intricate kit that features full interior detail, front and rear seats, a screw-on chassis and peel-and-stick decals.