1:25 '04 Chevy Corvette Z06



1:25 '04 Chevy Corvette Z06 85-4029

1:25 2004 Chevy Corvette Z06

Skill level: 2
Length: 7-1/8"
Height: 1-7/8"
Parts: 116

Modified for maximum power.

Tricked-out with racing refinements, the Corvette Z06 debuted in 1963. Only 199 first-gen Z06s were produced, making them highly collectible. The Z06 returned to the scene in 2001 as a fixed-roof coupe. The 2004 model was powered by a specially modified small-block that produced 405 hp at 6,500 rpm. Kit features a detailed chassis with a Z06 drivetrain and a unique rear transmission, a fully detailed engine, a hinged hood, a full interior with trunk area, soft black tires, chrome-plated parts and decals with authentic stock graphics.