1:24 Plymouth Duster Cop Out



1:24 Plymouth Duster Cop Out 85-4093 1:24 Plymouth Duster Cop Out Overview Skill Level: 2 Length: 8-1/4" Width: 3" Height: 2-1/4" Parts: 98 Description Pull over or get run over This unreal funny car is a far out design by Design Master - Tom Daniel™. It features all the tech of the 70s, including a tubular funny car chassis, safety roll cage, aluminum fire wall, fuel and water tanks, blown 426 engine, 'zoomie' exhausts headers and dual drag chutes to stop this monster! It's decked out with roof flashers, gumball lights, spot lights and sponsor decals. It's a sight to behold and a truly FUN model to build! Kit features vintage police light bar and one-piece lift-off body.

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