1:24 '64-1/2 Ford Mustang Conv



1:24 '64-1/2 Ford Mustang Conv 85-4019 1:24 1964-1/2 Ford Mustang Convertible Overview Skill level: 2 Length: 7-7/16" Width: 2-3/4" Height: 2-1/4" Parts: 89 Description The very first pony car When the first Mustang rolled into American dealerships it wasn't just a new car, it was the herald of a complete cultural wildfire. Everyone suddenly wanted a powerful sports car and, since Ford had kept the cost so low, nearly anyone could get one. Within three months 100,000 cars had been sold. After eighteen months over a million were pulling American drivers at reckless speeds. It was the biggest revolution in automotive technology since the model T. Kit features an opening hood with V-8 engine, plus authentic factory stock decals.