1:24 '53 Chevy Panel Wagon



1:24 '53 Chevy Panel Wagon 85-4189 1:24 1953 Chevy Panel Wagon Overview Skill level: 3 Length: 7-9/16" Width: 2-7/8" Height: 2-1/2" Parts: 110 Description Cheap, fast, durable-A hot rodder's dream Panel trucks were originally designed for short-distance hauls of goods for small businesses. Once some of these vehicles made their way into service with automotive shops, it wasn't long before they were being modified into racers. With bigger engines and non-essential components removed, these trucks could go flat-out on the quarter mile. With straight axles and improved suspension, they were more than an equal for anything on any track. Kit features detailed parts including a 409 c.i. engine with supercharger or twin carbs, suspension and seating choices and soft tires.

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