1:144 GER U-Boat Type IIB



S.009 1:144 U-Boat Type IIB German Submarine 1939 The Coastal Type II U-Boats Were Became the first Vessels of this class, That Were built in Germany After the end of WWI. The improved IIB series submarines were built in Deutsche Werke (U13 - U16) and Germania Werft in Kiel (U7 - U12, U17 - U24). They all were included to the Kriegsmarine in 1935-1936. Two flotillas were formed with those vessels - the 1 st and 3D Weddigen Lohs. With the Beginning of WWII the Type II U-Boats Were in active use as mine-Layers in ports and River estuaries of England and Scotland Eastern Coast, and Also for Anti-Shipping Struggle in the English Channel area. From Spring 1941 the Coastal U-Boats Were Mainly Used in Training role in Baltic. - This kit is the 1st Release from ICM for IIB Submarine Injection molded plastic kit in 1/144 scale - This kit included optional details