1:100 USA F-18 Blue Angel Snap



1:100 USA F-18 Blue Angel Snap 85-1379 1:100 United States of America F-18 Hornet Blue Angels SnapTite® Overview Skill Level: 1 Length: 7-5/16" Wingspan: 5-5/8" Parts: 22 Description A significant fighter with serious "sting." The F/A-18 Hornet was chosen to be the U.S. Navy's Blue Angels' primary aircraft in 1986, which proved to be a significant year for both the squadron and the aircraft. 1986 marked the Blue Angels' 40th anniversary. In the same year, the aircraft was used for the first time in combat, during Operation Prairie Fire. This unique fighter remains in use with the Blue Angels today. Kit features easy, glue-free snap assembly, complemented by factory-decorated, painted plastic construction.