1:100 USA F-16 Falcon SnapTite



1:100 USA F-16 Falcon SnapTite 85-1381 1:100 United States of America F-16 Fighting Falcon SnapTite® Overview Skill Level: 1 Length: 5-3/4" Wingspan: 4-1/16" Parts: 19 Description One of the world's most-produced jet fighters. General Dynamics® started development of the F-16 in the early '70s, just as tensions in Vietnam were drawing to a close. Preliminary test flights proved the F-16 could execute supersonic speeds with ease. Exceptional maneuverability, long-range performance and affordability also made the F-16 highly sought after by the U.S. Air Force and numerous NATO nations. Today, the F-16 easily ranks among the world's most-produced jet fighters, with over 4,450 models flown by 26 countries in all. Kit features easy, glue-free snap assembly, complemented by factory-decorated, painted plastic construction.