Super Brain 825 AC/DC Charger

Model Rectifier Corporation


RB825 Super Brain 825 AC/DC Charger Features Micro Peak technology keeps batteries cooler, ensuring optimum charge and extending battery life Comes with an industry standard Tamiya connector and includes a separate Traxxas adaptor, plus the standard mini adaptor for Airsoft Selectable 2A or 4A charge rates give the hobbyist the best possible choice for their needs Overview The Model Rectifier Corporation's Super Brain line, the Instinct 825 takes charging efficiency to new heights. With its built-in, light weight, switching AC power supply, the Instinct 825 charges 1–8 cell Ni-Cd and Ni-MH batteries on the bench or at the field. By continuously and accurately reading the condition of the battery during the fast charge cycle without having to pause periodically to detect delta peak, the Instinct 825 fully and quickly charges the battery and avoids over charging.

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